December 1992 not only marked the establishment of my business but the foundation used to ensure successful ventures, mine and my clients alike. This foundation’s key elements include:

- quality services
- on-time delivery
- competitive prices

Working for myself gives me the opportunity to offer my experience on a one-to-one basis. My experience also has enabled me to provide a wide range of services which go beyond the traditional architectural practice. These services include: technical support, code analysis, peer reviews, and other surveys, studies, and reports. In some cases the studies and reports I provide involve entire buildings or particular issues, systems, or components of buildings. These types of services require the architect to look well beyond the surface of a situation to thoroughly understand the full range of conditions present. Once identified, a range of options then can be presented to the client. Through this method of thorough analysis and communications, the client will be able to make an informed decision.

Having reached the decision to begin practice as an architectural consultant, I determined that proper implementation of computer technology, from word processing to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), would be needed to enable me to dramatically increase the cost-efficiency and quality of the services I provide.

Past experience has convinced me that communication is the key to ensuring on-time delivery of quality services. Working for myself and effectively utilizing computer technology guarantees that communication flows directly from the client to the project, not through several channels of people resulting in lost information. By using computer technology I have established a file management and document development methodology to facilitate cost-efficiency and infuse quality into the documents created. In addition to this cost effective business approach, I work directly on all projects, bringing more than thirty years of expert and multi-faceted architectural experience to each of my client’s very unique projects. Finally, these processes coupled with communication guarantee competitive prices.


As the first full-time employee at Hansen Architects, I enthusiastically tackled this opportunity to assist in establishing the firm while also producing billable work.

From the beginning, I headed up the effort to establish the process and the physical plant to produce the work and enable the firm to serve a growing client base and an increasingly demanding workload. As part of this responsibility, I established and maintained the office AIA Masterspec and Navy Guide Specifications. I also oversaw the implementation of the office’s project development and quality control handbook to ensure a means to reinforce the importance of careful development of each project from the schematic design phase to final completion of the construction phase.

As a Project Manager/Technical Advisor, much of my time was spent developing a client base for projects to include elements such as space planning for retail spaces and medical facilities, and renovation of historic structures.

Among the many opportunities provided for me at Hansen Architects, the most satisfying was working closely with the Principal in the areas of marketing, proposals, contracts, and internal project scheduling. At times this was particularly challenging with a small staff. The Principal placed a high priority in delivering turn-on-a-dime services to our clients.

During my tenure, I was the Project Manager for nearly 60% of the more than 150 projects completed, as well as numerous space planning projects. In a small firm, handling this volume of work requires continuous attention to maintaining effective communications, scheduling, and working with a flexible staff. Much of the work was produced using AutoCAD. We developed a methodology for production which enabled us to develop a product quickly, efficiently, and within budget limitations. Using the fundamentals learned in previous years, I was required to perform various roles and was directly responsible for projects ranging from $100,000 to $7.5 million.

December 1987 to March 1988

As a Project Architect, my responsibilities at Dewberry and Davis included participation in a team approach to a $30 million, multi-use project which included a 12-story office tower with a retail/restaurant plaza and a 12-story residential tower; both over an 800-car, 5-level parking structure, entirely below grade. In particular, much of my time was spent detailing the exterior skin for the office tower, door and finish schedules. All of my work required coordination with work which was being produced on CADD.

February 1976 to November 1987

My responsibilities at Strang and Samaha began with simple tasks and continued to grow to include work on numerous types of projects as a Project Manager or on larger projects as a team member. During this time I also visited job sites on my own time to observe the work and to see how the contractor handled various conditions. I rapidly gained experience on a wide variety of projects including building types such as: - Masonry bearing walls with structural steel frame - Structural steel frame (pre-engineered) with masonry, cementitious aggregate finishes or steel skins - Concrete structure with precast concrete skin or metal stud and curtainwall skin - Wood frame or post and beam structural systems with various veneer treatments

Many of the projects included extensive renovations for building code modifications, program changes, adaptive reuse, or expansion of existing facilities. At Strang and Samaha much importance was placed on careful development of design and construction documents in conjunction with development of the civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings. In addition, a complete understanding of all elements and systems enabled each project to be prepared with a minimum of errors and omissions. My responsibilities as a Project Manager encompassed design and construction documents, specifications, bidding and the construction administration phases. These responsibilities included managing several projects con-currently, while coordinating details with the drafting staff. Clients for which I managed specific projects included: - Veterans Administration - United States Postal Service - Department of Defense (NAVFAC) - Texaco, Inc.

I was responsible for maintaining the office guide specifications for projects with these agencies and the AIA Masterspec, as well as writing many of the specifications used for projects in the office. The cost for projects, which I was directly responsible for, was in the range of $500,000 to $4.5 million.


-Associate in Applied Science: Architecture Northern Virginia Community College


- Professional Member, BOCA International - 1994
- Professional Member, American Institute of Architects - 1992
- Board of Directors, Northern Virginia Chapter Construction Specifications Institute - 1991
- Chairman, Little Rocky Run Homeowners Association Architectural Review Board - January 1986 to March 1987
- President, Clarion Ministries, Inc. - 1985 to 1988
- Professional Member, Construction Specification Institute - 1983
- Associate Member, American Institute of Architects - 1976
- Eagle Scout with Silver Palm, Boy Scouts of America - 1974
- Member, Boy Scouts of America - 1968 to 1974


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