• Countryside Ambulatory Surgery Center, Sterling, VA
  • Sterling/Dulles Imaging Center, Sterling, VA
  • Loudoun Hospital Cancer Center, Sterling, VA
  • Northern Virginia Vision Center, Alexandria, VA
  • Veterans Administration Medical Center, Building One, Wash, D.C.
    ~ Sprinkler Renovation
    ~ Smoke Walls Survey
    ~ Structural Evaluation of Roof Area
    ~ Renovate Four Seclusion Rooms
    ~ Renovate Nursing Stations
    ~ Replace MICU Sinks and Finishes
  • Dr. Shandon J. Thompson, Sterling, VA
  • Dr. Gary Kugler, Sterling, VA
  • Fink Family Chiropractic, Leesburg, VA
  • Chiropractic and Wellness Center of Ashburn, Ashburn, VA
  • Northern Virginia Vision Center, Sterling, VA
  • DiLorenzo Chiropractic, Leesburg, VA
  • Northern Virginia Vision Center, Fairfax, VA
  • Spine Care of Alexandria, Alexandria, VA
  • Dr. Ayman Boutrous, Sterling, VA
  • Dr. Ryan Crenshaw, Sterling, VA
  • Dr. Burman, Sterling, VA
  • Dr. Patel, Sterling, VA
  • Dr. Ron Heron, Sterling, VA
  • Alexandria Physican's Group, Alexandria, VA
  • Northern Virginia Eye Center, Alexanria, VA
  • Dual Diagnosis Center, Chantilly, VA
  • American Medical Labs, Chantilly, VA
  • Dr. John H. Sattar, Sterling, VA
  • Dr. Wiger, Sterling, VA
  • Dr. Lower, Sterling, VA
  • Dr. Skoloff, Sterling, VA
  • Mercy Medial Airlift, Manassas Airport, Manassas, VA
  • DiLorenzo Chiropractic, Leesburg, VA
  • North Spring Behavioral Health Care, Leesburg, VA
    ~ Classroom/Storage
    ~ Office/Storage
    ~ Echo Unit New Bathrooms
    ~ PHP Renovation
    ~ Php Expansion



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